Product Details:


  • Stylized ottoman

    Wide heavy gange links.

  • Geometrically balanced

    Geometry used to balance chair operation.

  • Extened life rivet joins

    All rivet joints have either acetal or Bronze bushing.

  • Feature of wood frame

    Avail able to different seat width.

  • Designed to save your money 

  • Good painting operation

    Picking congeal and melt, soak and paint for the parts

    And soak and bake the paint for the finish goods.

    Two times painting.

  • Kd sleeve design


  • Profile shape designed for safety and appearance without pinch points.

  • Sitting, TV and full recline postion.

  • Acetal spacers to eliminate any steel-to-steel contact.

    No metal-to-metal noises when links contact stopping.

  • Adjustable in different seal width , applicated in high leg sofa.

  • Strength the quantity and paste of the paint on the mechanism to prevent getting rusty.

  • Easy packaging and installation.